The New 2020 Season is generously sponsored by Scott Fraser and Cathy Jurca.

Live opera is back in Southern California! POP has temporarily relocated to Ventura County for performances, until LA County restrictions allow live performance. The venue is a short hour drive from most points of Los Angeles and weekend shows have been scheduled just after sundown so attendees may travel up during the daylight and return home by 9pm. All shows will be approximately two hours long and will be presented live within COVID-19 guidelines. Live video will be projected above the stage with supertitles, and sound will broadcast via FM radio. Tickets are per car, with passengers limited to the number of seatbelts in the car. Please avoid high profile vehicles. With only 90 cars allowed per performance, you can expect the intimate (yet distanced) opera experience POP is famous for.


NOV 14 - DECEMBER 13, 2020


covid fan tutte.jpg

November 14, 15, and 22, 2020

POP takes a mulligan on our canceled March production with COVID fan tutte,  a new production set in 2020 at a SoCal golf resort with English libretto by Josh Shaw. The updated plot follows two girls who are spending their quarantine at a SoCal golf resort and the local caddies have won their hearts.

Sung in English, with supertitles and orchestra.


la corona square.jpg

November 20 and 21, 2020

When you discover an opera called "La Corona" in September of 2020, you kind of have to find a way to do it right? Both La Corona and Il Parnaso Confuso were written to be performed by the Archduchesses of Austria, sisters of Marie Antoinette. Both are US premiere stagings. One comedy and one drama.

Sung in Italian with English supertitles and orchestra.


Boheme 2020 Square new dates.jpg

December 11, 12, and 13, 2020

POP’s signature take on Puccini’s La Boheme has been even further updated to current day with Acts 1 occurring on December 24, 2019 and Act 4 taking place in November 2020. A graphic designer, screenplay writer, English major, indie-rocker, and fashion designer deal with the timeless issues of life, love, jealousy, overdue bills, and now, COVID-19.

Sung in Italian with "ironically clever" English supertitles.



Why Camarillo?

  • Current guidelines do not allow for any kind of live performance, drive-in or otherwise, in LA County. When that changes, we'll adjust our plans. 

Where is Camarillo anyway?

  • Less than an hour drive from most parts of LA on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in COVID traffic.

Is this really "live" opera or is it a film?

  • This is very much live opera, on a stage, with singers and an orchestra (for Cosi and the Gluck Double Bill). But, to insure that every person has a good view, we will also be projecting live video on a large screen above the singers.

What about saftey during COVID?

  • There is far too much to say about this in a FAQ format, but we've outlined it all here on our website. Extreme measures are being taken to keep the performers safe. As for the audience, you won't need to even roll your window down if you don't want to. Tickets and programs are contactless. 

How will we hear the music?

  • Sound will be broadcast directly to your FM radio

Will there be supertitles?

  • Absolutely. For all shows, even Cosi which is in English.

Are prices per car or per person and how many people can be in a car?

  • Prices are per car and you can bring as many people as you have seatbelts. So if you want to bring six people and you buy the very most expensive ticket, you're looking at under $30 per person for the best seats in the house...only at POP!

Will there be bathrooms?

  • Yes. Indoor, COVID compliant restrooms. 

How long are the shows?

  • We're trying to keep the shows at or under two hours. There are no intermissions.

Is parking assigned?

  • The parking lot is divided into four price tiers. The parking within those tiers is assigned as you arrive. The earlier you arrive, the closer you will be to the front of your section. 

When do I arrive?

  • You must arrive no earlier than an hour before the show, and no later than 15 minutes prior to the show.

Can I bring chairs and sit outside of my car?

  • No.

Can I drive my jacked up Suburban that will block everyone's view?

  • You can... but you will be put on the side or in the back row regardless of your ticket. We're working overtime to make sure EVERYONE has a good view. Please help us by avoiding high profile vehicles.

Can I bring food and drink?

  • Please do! No alcohol since you are in cars and that would be illegal. And please plan to pack out what you pack in. 

Do I print my ticket?

  • You may print your ticket, or you may have it on your phone. It is important that you have the ticket with the barcode, not just the receipt. 

When will La Boheme tickets go on sale?

  • About the time the first two shows open.