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POP takes great pride in producing exciting and entertaining productions of the highest artistic quality at an affordable price.  Through our first four seasons our average ticket price has been about $20 and we have managed to fund our 13 productions primarily (96%) through ticket sales alone.  This kind of funding through ticket revenue is unheard of in the opera world.  


Of course there are many expenses that fall outside of "production" budgets.  As we grow, those day to day expenses increase.  In addition, higher production values, hiring more established singers and larger orchestras, nicer venues, and longer runs all mean that our model of paying for productions through ticket sales will not always be sustainable.


We need your help.  We are determined to keep POP an intimate and affordable experience for everyone.  Your tax-deductible donation is the most direct way of helping us.  Please consider giving today.  Or better, schedule an on going monthly or annual donation so that we can safely plan for future seasons, knowing that we will have financial support.


You can donate HERE.  Or, if you would like to talk to our staff about specifically about how we can use your support, please call us at 323-739-6122.   


Like to help in other ways?  We NEED that too.  Here are several ways that make a world of difference for our company and our artists.


1.  Donate airline miles so we can get our singers here and on to their next gig


2.  House an artist.  All that is required is a bed and use of a kitchen and restroom


3.  Lend out an extra car for an artists to get to and from rehearsals


4.  Host a party or reception for the cast and crew


5.  Help us spread the word with posters, postcards, and flyers


6.  Suggest new performance or rehearsal venues


7.  Donate food, wine, or other items for refreshments and special events


8.  Provide dinner for the cast during rehearsals




POP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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5040 Onteora Way  Los Angeles, CA  90041



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POP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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