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POP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Help POP with zero cost to you!

POP is now registered as a charitable organization on Amazon Smile. This means we could now receive 0.5% of your eligible Amazon purchases! Please take five minutes to set up POP as your selected charity on Amazon Smile. It is so easy.

To do this, go to smile.amazon.com. Search for "Pacific Opera Project" as your charitable organization. After selecting POP, you will receive an email from Amazon Smile, confirming your charitable organization. Then, happy shopping! Each time you are ready to shop, always start at smile.amazon.com. (To make it even easier, just replace your Amazon bookmark with smile.amazon.com and you'll go there automatically.)

You're probably thinking "0.5% sounds like so little, will it actually amount to anything?" We'll let's take a quick look. If 1000 POP supporters use Amazon Smile each time they use Amazon and they average $100 per month in Amazon spending (and who doesn't spend $100 per month on Amazon?), that's $500 per month POP gets for FREE.


 Like to help in other ways?  We NEED that too.  Here are several ways that make a world of difference for our company and our artists.


1.  Donate airline miles so we can get our singers here and on to their next gig


2.  House an artist.  All that is required is a bed and use of a kitchen and restroom


3.  Lend out an extra car for an artists to get to and from rehearsals


4.  Host a party or reception for the cast and crew


5.  Help us spread the word with posters, postcards, and flyers


6.  Suggest new performance or rehearsal venues


7.  Donate food, wine, or other items for refreshments and special events


8.  Provide dinner for the cast during rehearsals



POP is generously supported by the Kasimoff-Blüthner Piano Company.


Contact us:  info@pacificoperaproject.com           


5040 Onteora Way  Los Angeles, CA  90041



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POP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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