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Josh Foy

Music Director

Joshua has received his Bachelor’s of Music from Chapman University in Music Composition and his Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts in the Performer/Composer program. He has had the privilege of teaching at the California Institute of the Arts and Duke University. As a pianist he has worked with composers such as Derek Bermel and Mark Trayle and performed at various venues such as REDCAT located at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Joshua composed and directed the music to the theater production Piedra del Sol by director and playwright Maria Morett,which was put up at the Getty Villa. He has also directed the original musical In Bermuda! by playwright David Largman Murray and composer Bobby Halvorson which featured such actors as Bryce Dallas Howard and Josh Gad. He has written music in a variety of genres including film scores to films like Mamitas, Jewsus, The Newest Pledge, and (Romance) in the Digital Age. He is also an orchestrator, arranger, transcriber and copyist. Joshua is currently a professor of music theory and history at the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts.

Josh Foy
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