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Q: What is Arts and Music in Schools funding?

A: In 2022, The State of California passed Prop 28, an initiative that would allocate $1 Billion a year in arts and music funding to public schools in California. All schools will receive a portion of this money to hire arts and music education staff, as well as bring arts and music programs like POP’s into their classrooms.


Q: How much money will my school receive from AMS?

A: Click here to find your school’s AMS funding amount. Funding is based on enrollment rates and can be used within three school years. 

Q: When does Arts and Music in School funding expire?

A: Prop 28 promised that this initiative does not have an expiration date. Schools are required to spend their funds within three years. This funding initiative is intended to be a permanent program for the State of California. 


Q: Why is POP charging a fee for education programs now?

A: Although 90% of our Education and Community Engagement programs are free, the passing of Prop 28 allowed both schools and school contractors like POP to expand their capacity and serve more students every year. POP has a special role in launching this initiative and we look forward to supporting its mission. Prior to the passing of Prop 28, POP relied solely on grants and donations to fully fund our Education and Community Engagement Department. 

Q: My school has already used all of our AMS funding this year. Can I still bring a POP program to my school?

A: Yes! POP will never turn a Title-I school away due to the inability to pay. First time schools can receive one free program in their first year. If you are a returning school who does not have the ability to pay the $31 per student fee, scholarships are available. Please inquire.

Q: How many scholarships are available for Title-I schools?

A: To ensure the greatest availability of our Education Programs for Title-I schools, POP can offer one Education Program session scholarship per school, each academic year. Please email for specific information pertaining to scholarships available for your school. 

Q: Does POP work with school clubs and after school programs?

A: Yes! POP creates education programs for K-12 classrooms, in-school clubs, and after school group. Our programs can be tailored for groups with mixed ages and/or learning levels. If you’re unable to pay the $31/child fee for a full class, consider creating an POP Opera Club for a smaller group of students. 

Q: I want to utilize my AMS funding, but I need assistance. Who can help me?

A: Email the State of California Department of Education at Or, contact Teila Theisen, POP’s Director of Education and Community Engagement, at

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